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14 de December de 2020

My life has been full of delicious passions.
My visceral dedication to all of them resulted in a phrase that has been with me for some time: I live for WOWWW!

One of my greatest passions was, without a doubt, skateboarding. Or, it still is.

I rode until I was 15 years old, competing as an amateur, and I really lived the motto of the 80s, Sk8orDie.

When I retired my last skateboard I was called to work in my family’s company, a printing company and, by the way, my biggest school.
But there and then, I had abandoned my dream. Simple as that, for a 15-year-old boy. Those were other times. That marked me.

So difficult that my subconscious mind went looking for these memories 30 years later. Strolling through a shopping website, I came across raw skateboards, still without any printing.

The eureka moment! I’ll make my own art, and even if I don’t ride it on the streets like in the past, the ride will be even wilder.

I started to walk through my childhood and adolescent memories, drawing the strokes that would take me there.

It was insane !!! Passion is passion. You know it when you look, and it vibrates.

I did a series, but I believe it is one of those that will have no end, since whenever I can, I am there, with a board in my hands, trying to draw dreams for this boy with a restless soul, who by the way, is today in his early forties.

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