Welcome to my cloud
14 de December de 2020

I have been feeling a little old in the face of constant technological developments.

For someone who drew on Cp500 computers, using coordinates in Basic to draw their curves, I have found some difficulty in keeping myself 100 % updated.

The funny thing is that both the movements of the fingers on our cell phones and the names used for the new technologies are absolutely intrinsic references to human nature.

Living in the clouds, whether in our photos, or in our dreams, is part of human life.

Thus are my studios. Whether in my hometown, Ribeirão Preto, or in São Paulo, they are energetic clouds eager to harbor my dreams and my creative flashes.

They were conceived in such a natural way that it amazes me that they are so dear to my clients and friends.

Its aesthetic is an overlap of colors, paints, and sketches of my dreams. Its energy is renewed by the constant search to keep the spirit aligned with the clearest purposes of those who seek to be a channel for the manifestation of the art of living.

In addition, the simplicity of their conceptions and the way in which art is treated, I believe that they transform the relations that we live in.

Living is simple. Just take the risk and let yourself dream.