The greatest work is life
14 de December de 2020

As my life changed colors, a very special work gained space: My little Luiza. The youngest daughter of our newly created family.

I still didn’t know very well, but I already felt, that she had inherited not only the physiognomy of the father’s side, but the sensitivity to colors and shapes.

Intuitively, in a short return to my paints between 2010 and 2011, we gave birth to this work full of natural charms, shadows, lights, sparkles, and even the darkness of a forest as enchanted as life, and no less challenging than to educate a child.

Na Natureza Sempre Selvagem (In the Ever Wild Nature), is among my favorite works.


And that is so for countless reasons, including these cute hands, the intriguing aesthetic, the density of the dark, the lights and the shadows, but mainly for the challenge of honoring the trust of this small being of light that enriches the construction of my work of living.

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