The power of colors
14 de December de 2020

Dealing with colors is a challenge for the fine arts. The tones allow each artist endless possibilities for dialogue, leaving open visual games of the most varied natures. There is a strength not only in each one, but in the different opportunities to establish combinations.

Gui Calil uses colors in imaginative ways. His works in acrylic on canvas have as a common element the establishment of an aesthetic and poetry based on the exploration of freedom in space and in relation to work tools.
Each work has something to declare in order to express a particular relationship with reality. It is as if each new canvas dialogues with the observer individually, but within a large project, in which one of the assumptions is to provide and allow emotions to emerge.

In an initial moment, the impact is what counts. It is impossible not to have any reaction to what Gui Calil presents. There is success in the proposal to justify a conversation between what he creates and what the viewer observes. This first moment is essential to generate empathy between the creator, the conceived object and the public.

Then a reflection is reached, that is, the question posed is how the artist makes use of their resources to achieve the desired effect. It is worth thinking about how the works are constructed in order to always provide some surprise while maintaining common elements.
The paintings work as one big family. There are blood links between them, but also differences in atmosphere and personality. Each of the works demands a particular observation, but this does not prevent a view of the whole, as one of the characteristics of quality art is precisely the alternative of generating blocks of thought that are articulated in the name of some concept or idea.

Gui Calil’s work as a whole impresses by offering a wide color repertoire that is mobilized in a range where there is a chance to discover new paths with each reflection. This means that his work is not consumed by sameness, but expands his creative spectrum with each look. Thus, his art conserves freshness and points to even more daring journeys in the near future.

Oscar D’Ambrosio holds a doctorate in Education, Art and the History of Culture from Mackenzie University and a master’s in Arts from the Institute of Arts at Unesp.

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